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MESO Transdermic Mesotherapy

Meso™ is a device that personifies the effort of a multifaceted, young and dynamic team, comprised by professionals in various fields of sciences - aesthetics, information technology, design, electronic engineering, marketing.

System composed by two elements: -

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• Meso™ - Cosmetic products

• Range of cosmetics developed specifically for use with the Meso ™, whose purpose is to correct aesthetic imperfections of the skin Aesthetic function

• Increase significantly the skin penetration of cosmetic ingredients applied on the skin as a result of its effect on reducing the permeability of the stratum corneum. The application of products with the equipment is held together.

• The effectiveness of cosmetic products increases as a result of better transcutaneous transport that implies the use of Meso ™ Components:

• Electronic equipment consisting of a "black box" with application programs, to perform concrete aesthetic treatments.

• Two skin electrodes: o Roll-on - that combines simultaneously the product application on the skin and the cutaneous transfer of electrical impulses, which favours the increased permeability of the stratum corneum o Bracelet – it is the passive electrode and makes contact with the patient's body

Why Meso™?

• The Meso™ increases exponentially the response of cosmetics ingredients.

• The treatments induce a quick beneficial responses into the skin, not only by the action on the stratum corneum, but also because they actuate on the deepest layers (dermis and hypodermis), where are localized the repair and defensive skin mechanisms.


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