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RF Intelligent Radiofrequency Treatment

RF INTELLIGENT ensures a great effectiveness in aesthetic treatments due to monopolar cutting-edge technology and the power emitted. The regenerative radiofrequency is designed to hydrate, oxygenate, revitalise and regenerate the cells of our body. RF Intelligent revitalises and rejuvenates every cell in the treated area by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin from the interior of the cell.RF Intelligent 505b380ac0d64


Mesosystem treatments are indicated both for men and women. 

Face  Body Facial: The rejuvenating treatments reduce wrinkles, fight sagging and give light to our skin. The most common are: facial rejuvenation, sagging neck, neckline and arms, reaffirmation of breasts, stretch marks, acne, dark circles, double chest, scars.

Body: The remodeling treatments decrease volume, combat cellulite and firm the tissues. The most prominent treatments are: gluteus, legs, abdomen, postliposuction and postchildbirth Through radiofrequency it is produced a selective deep heating in the dermis and subdermal layers causing the contraction and subsequent remodeling of collagen, giving greater firmness to the skin non-invasively, i.e. without affecting the epidermis

The heat produced by RF is controlled, and is produced in the dermis preserving the epidermis from thermal damage.


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